Yahweh's glory is seen through our testimony!

Healing Grace                                       


In 1996 my book Healing Grace was published.  I donated a copy to a ministry for a door prize for an event they were having.  Two significant things took place from that act. The first one was that a woman whom (I did not know) came up to me after the meeting with a surprising confirmation of Healing Grace.   She told me her story by relaying the following facts.

 God had asked her to write this very book, she said.  For several years God had prompted her to get the thoughts He was giving her into book form.  She was to write about God’s healing power.  She was to be transparent and detailed, as well as open about her pain.



   She said, “I know this book is from God because He gave me the same title, Healing Grace.  Because I wouldn’t obey Him, He passed it on to you.”  This woman was a reliable source.  She was a business owner in the community, who also, regularly attended the monthly fellowship meetings of this particular organization.  I knew it was the Lord giving me the confirmation for Healing Grace.  It also taught me another great lesson. When God asks you to do something, follow through!  He can always give it to someone else.


Second Event

The young women who won my book as a door prize (again, I did not know her) had a brain tumor.  I ended up becoming friends with her.  I prayed for her for two years.



Maria M Schaefer

Story is the copyright of Maria Schaefer