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Jacob’s Well 


Nothing brings one more joy (when a Christian) than visiting Israel. I had the opportunity to be there years ago. 

One of things I wanted to see was Jacob’s Well.  Lack of time did not permit it, so instead I painted it in abstract. 


Jacob's Well / in Israel, by Maria Schaefer

  • Title: Hidden...

    So many things in Yahweh's kingdom are hidden from the naked eye. Only in getting a small glimpse do we see His glory!

    This painting is actually part of a much bigger piece of art work; represented here by only this small view. There are so many things that God wants for us that are yet not in focus, and hidden.

  • Title: Waiting...

    We enter into a destination we are not sure of, but ever trusting in the Lord.

Painting title: The Desert Blooms

It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God. Isaiah 35:2

  • Title: The Laurel Wreath

    All our deeds turn into flower petals, forming the Laurel Wreath. And then the crown.

  • Title: Song of Songs II

    The wind of the Holy Spirit brings the songs of life!

  • Title: Jeremiah's House

    This painting demonstrates the process we go through, as the Potter (God) molds us.
    We sometimes feel half finished, but are being molded into what He desires.

  • Title: We See Through the Glass Darkly

    This painting (hanging in a clients home) demonstrates how colors that are not usually used, can demonstrate scripture.

    Dark colors are usually associated with negative feelings, but God made every color!

  • Title: China Women

    People in other countries carry their faith in a way we do not understand.

    This painting expresses the weight of the world this Christian women is feeling.

    Only God's power can change things for her, and her people.


All artwork /copyright belongs to Artist, Maria Schaefer.

  • Title: Apple

    And now behold, I have brought the first fruits of the land, which you, O Yahweh,
    have given me...

    Deuteronomy 26:10

  • Title: Pear

    Destination known.

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